Club Sub Committees

If you would be interested in sitting on one of the committees below please fill out our "Get Involved" form. 

1.  Operations Management; oversees recruitment of Event Managers and Volunteer Schedulers for each sport and season, review current board structure and make recommendations on adding positions if necessary, determines facility needs, works with buildings and grounds

2.  Strategic Planning; reviewing last plan and creating a 1, 3, 5, 10 (or however long) year plan, meet with senior administration to create facilities plan

3.  Menu/Vendors; overseeing the ordering, inventory, purchasing and stocking of product, designing menu display boards, reviewing new vendor proposals (Orange Leaf, Chick-Fil-A, etc.,) tracking of product specific sales, competitive analysis of price points for product

4.  Public Relations; ongoing district communication(all grade levels) and booster recognition via campus messenger, district website, booster google site, patron emails, community outreach, donor solicitation, fundraising

5.  Allocations; creating an annual budget, reviewing requests from coaches, making recommendations to larger board as to what should be funded