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posted Jan 14, 2013, 10:27 AM by Dean Schrader

Minutes from 11-28-12 Booster Meeting


When we were approving the minutes from October Al Soukup wanted to be sure that the portion of the Bylaws that had been changed was a revision not Old Bylaws and New Bylaws.  Jodi made the change. 


Al went over the financials and we discussed how the 4th Football home concessions sales were lower than previous games and how we lose concessions sales with all the people that are outside the fence sitting, standing, or stay in their cars.  No solutions were found.  Putting vinyl banners was suggested. 


Mike Machula just reminded us how much Dr. Pepper does for us.  They donated 30 cases pop, 15 cases Allsport, and 40 cases of water. 


The new sound system has been installed.  It was discussed that it would be a good idea for someone to a class to be trained on how to use it.  There should be more than one person who learns it.  Machula was going to talk to Rocky about finding out information on this. 


It was suggested that we might want to start using the Booster website more.  We could put financials and other information on it.  It is already on the Prairie website under Community/Parent Groups/Booster.  It would be nice if we could have a link under Athletics/Activities.


We have Booster clings we need to get out and distribute.

The Walk- in cooler will be installed the week of Dec 10th


The rental agreement has been approved for the SB/BB fields.  We will have to start lining up who will work the events. 


The Gator will be a future expense. 

Some plans have been drawn up for the layout of the new concession stand.  It was passed around and some changes were suggested.  Mike Machula was going to give Deb Condit the revisions and have her give us a quote. 


We thought that there may be a need for an overhang on the concessions and tables.  Thought maybe that would be a good project for the schools home construction class to help with. 


Adjourn 6:47pm Chris 1st motion, Mike 2nd motion.