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Minutes 9/19/2012

posted Oct 10, 2012, 11:20 AM by Dean Schrader

Minutes from 9-19-12 Booster meeting;

  • Meeting came to order at 5:35 with introductions and approval of minutes with a few changes. 
  • Al went over the financials.
  • We needed to decide what kind of design we want to put on the new sound system board.  There were 2 choices and it came down to a vote and we chose to do the one that just spelled out Mississippi Valley Conference.  Michelle Phelps-1st motion, Tina Usher 2nd motion, all were in favor.
  • The new Batters Eye will be put up soon.  The last batters eye was damaged in storm so they are installing new one.  Supplies and labor are being donated. 
  • Megan Olson volunteered to work with the Booster website. 
  • Mike Machula brought in quotes for the walk-in cooler.  Mike thought the one for $10819.00 was the right size and price.  Randy made 1st motion and Mark 2nd motion to go ahead and purchase that one.  All in favor to go ahead. 
    • Benefits: deliveries go right in and unload, don’t have to worry about mice or bugs getting into product, use all year round, less electricity, warranty come with a new one.  Dwayne Carver was OK with where it was going.  We would need to buy our own racks if we wanted to stack candy in there or something.       
  • Discussed that we need to establish committees to work on operations, public relations, allocations, strategic planning, and Menu/vendors.  Jodi will send out the minutes from 9-19-12 meeting and the descriptions of these groups and get volunteers or suggestions on what each committee’s duties would be. 
  • The School Board is still working on getting policy made for the new BB/SB fields. 
  • Perkins did a trial run selling drinks on North side of concessions stand and made about $400 plus tips at last home football game.  Good idea.  We need to prepare for selling Hot Cocoa for next games.
  • Great turnout on concession workers for football games.  Michelle has done a great job getting people there.  Next year the shift needs to be 1st: 4:45-7:15 and 7:15- close so we are sure to have plenty of help to clean if the game runs longer.  
  • Mike is getting couple of stainless steel warmers for the grill.
  • We approved spending $500 on the video equipment for the Championship Community night.  Dean Schrader 1st motion, Michelle Phelps 2nd.  Not unanimous but majority did vote to pay the $500. 
  • Brought up that we are losing ticket sales and concessions by people sitting outside the fence or in their cars to watch football games.  Thought this topic would be a good School Board item.
  • Dean and Mike will go to Board meeting to thank the board for helping purchase the sound system and we thought Steve Doser could put out a message about the new Sound System.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:50